The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap

The boxes are in association with the Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID), and organization that has enjoyed a partnership of more than a decade with the IBAO.

“It is so important to spread the word across the province to students about the severe risks associated with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” says IBAO CEO Randy Carroll. “Through fundraising opportunities like this, OSAID can continue to tour schools and inform our children of these risks. You could possibly save a life by simply donating your extra change.”

The campaign runs until May 24.

OSAID is a longstanding student leadership program with over 300 chapters in high schools throughout Ontario. OSAID hosts events and activities that encourage students to make smart, sober choices to reduce driver risk and injury in the province of Ontario.

“Impaired driving is still the number one killer of teens,” said Matt Evans, Executive Director of OSAID. “It is estimated that every weekend, on average, 123 teens are killed or injured in traffic vehicle collisions. Support from organizations such as LCBO and IBAO are essential for our program to continue educating Ontario teens about the dangers of driving while impaired.”

Find out what your clients really want
Members of the Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton will get a chance to learn how to build better client relationships on May 14.

Joe Micallef, the CEO of FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada, will be sharing his tactics on client retention factors, and what clients really want. The topic, ‘The Value of Building Better Client Relationships,’ promises to show yow brokers can enhance their value proposition to current and potential clients. As CEO of FIRST Canada, Micallef has over 20 years of global business banking experience.

The luncheon – for IBAH members only – will be held at the Waterfront Centre in Hamilton, Ont.


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