Broker gets cover for client to park plane in house

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Senior underwriter at MGA April, Lucie Lee Frappier, is not one to decline a challenge. When a request came in for a unique property, the MGA rose to the occasion.
April was recently approached to insure an Albertan home in which, instead of parking cars or motorcycles in their garage, the client parked his personal airplane.

“This raises a whole new set of risks that we wouldn’t normally consider and some interesting points of investigation,” said Frappier.
Fortunately, the broker involved was a trusted partner who understood some of the potential complexities in placing this risk. Then based on the details of the investigation, and the risk management precautions that the insured had taken to protect his property, April and the broker were able to offer cover. 
 “My first line of enquiry was to understand where the plane landed and took off and whether the flight path could take it over the home,” said Frappeier, “and then I wanted to understand what type of protection and fire retardant was embedded in the construction of the property and whether any additional hazardous materials were stored there in connection with the plane.”

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