• Synergies for Canadian and Cayman captive insurance markets

    More and more Canadian companies are moving to establish captive insurance arms in the Cayman Islands, according to the organization focused on tracking those developments.

  • Daily Market Update

    Another natural risk hits the headlines as a volcano threatens to ground flights over Europe… Canadian IT professionals reveal vulnerabilities in their own systems… And Texan woman accused of murdering her husband awarded payout on his life insurance…

  • Dam break should be a wake-up call for business owners

    The recent dam break near Likely, B.C. and ensuing environmental disaster highlights the need for companies to match coverage to the exposure. Will Kramer, a senior risk consultant at Hub, takes a closer look at what lessons can be learned from the Mount Polley mining operations.

  • Daily Market Update

    The emerging risk of hand gel?… Why big data offers huge opportunity to insurers… and ratings agency warns of over-exposure for reinsurance sector… And US retailers have again been hit by cyber criminals.

  • Bed bugged couple sues insurer over pollution exclusion

    When Neil and Patricia Whitney were forced to move out because their home was sprayed for bed bugs with a banned pesticide, they received a $450,000 settlement. Now, they’re after their insurance company.

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Panama Canal expansion creates supersized risks… Android device breach adds to cyber threats… Renewable energy sector set to boost insurance business… And window cleaners terrifying day at work as high risk turns to reality.

  • Do you know the risks associated with solar panels?

    Brokers may want to take a second look at their commercial clients’ rooftops. Integrated photovoltaic systems may be environmentally friendly, but they do pose numerous insurance risks.

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Can Malaysia Airlines ever recover their reputation after being hit by two tragedies and was their risk management strong enough?… Former US treasury secretary says climate change is the ‘biggest risk of our time’… And financial firms have mixed views on the new EU rules ‘forcing’ them to upgrade risk management…

  • Daily Market Update

    ​The reality of climate change for business… Asian insurers set for investments in US real estate as financial freedom increases… Government keen to avoid health insurance disaster at mid-terms… And Australia’s insurance industry welcomes inquiry into financial system…

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Cyber risk continues to dominate concerns among businesses, but report says insurance business is “in its infancy” in dealing with it… Climate change and the global risk in “not doing anything”… Health insurance sales are up thanks to Fed money… And Canadian insurers count the cost of the Angus tornado…